Welcome to Space to Learn.

Space to Learn allows you to extend your teaching into new realms, experimenting with changes of layout whilst being supported by high level technology. It affords you the opportunity to review your teaching styles and skills within a safe environment, increasing your awareness and understanding of learner’s needs, developing personalised learning within your teaching. Space to Learn is a large open space that is extremely flexible in its appearance. Sections can be closed off using curtains to create a unique layout of learning environment. The space comes with flexible furniture allowing you to position chairs, bean bags, amphitheatre step seating and table chairs to your suiting. Space to Learn allows schools to work independently or collaboratively with others in adaptable, flexible spaces. You will be able to design your own learning environment in a non threatening arena, in order to influence classroom layouts in your own school. Feel the freedom of being released from the whiteboard, interacting with learners using new and innovative technologies such as iPads and Green Screen Technology. Feel secure and safe with highly trained staff working alongside you, allowing you to concentrate on the learning and not the technology. Space to Learn also creates bespoke lessons based on your ideas. We will work with you to create tailor made lessons incorporating some of the most up to date technology whilst supporting teaching staff and children along the way. A simple brainstorming planning session with a member of Space to Learn staff will allow us to create a learning experience for your pupils. Take a look around the website to find out more.